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Weddings in Tuscany - by Tuscan Dreams-

From a distance the towers of San Gimignano look as you were in front of some kind of Medieval Manhattan.  San Gimignano ( or San Jimmy for some English speaking people that have opted to live in the area ) is one of the most beautiful and well preserved medieval town in Tuscany. It is not by chance that it was declared world heritage site by UNESCO.
Flowers and fragrances, alleys and palaces. In this medieval town it seems that time has stopped in order to leave each visitor with a long lasting memory. You will be amazed by the stunning views, the unspoilt architecture.

Weddings in San Gimignano take place in the Comune. A medieval hall decorated with amazing frescoes.
A unique and refined atmosphere. A wedding in San Gimignano is something rather special that will remain in your hearts and in the minds of relatives and friends.


-Weddings in Tuscany by Tuscan Dreams -

Siena has the power to transport its visitors into a different time and dimension. Its boundary walls, the palaces, the air that you breath will make you relive the glory of its past history.
Who wouldn’t want to enjoy the unique landscape made of rolling hills, vineyards and cypress trees that surround this enchanting medieval town ?
No wonder this is one of the most sought after places for weddings.

The heart of the city is represented by the famous Piazza del Campo where the palio race takes place twice a  year.
Adjacent to the piazza rises Palazzo Pubblico, Siena town hall building which dates back to 13th century. The wedding hall inside the Palazzo is a splendid Renaissance room with frescoes, high ceiling and big windows overlooking Piazza del campo.
Definitely a unique surrounding to mark such an important step in anybody’s life!


-Weddings in Tuscany by Tuscan Dreams-

The dome-shaped cathedral, the Arno and the famous Ponte Vecchio , the greens hills.

Florence attracts you from every corner offering its visitors a unique and matchless atmosphere.

One of the most beautiful cities in the world, much loved by foreigners especially British where you’ll find the purest love and passion for art and history. It certainly is the cradle of culture and art.

This is the ideal place for a couple to crown their dream.

Weddings are celebrated inside the “ sala rossa “ ( red room ) of the famous Palazzo Vecchio. The palace which is one of the main city historical attraction overlooks the famous Piazza della Signoria with the statue of Michelangelo’s David on one side and the Neptune fountain. The most amazing sample of Florentine architecture. A setting which cannot find competitors.

A wedding in Florence leaves you moments that will never be forgotten.


- Weddings in Tuscany by Tuscan Dreams -

One can be amazed by the beauty and the history behind most Tuscan Town Halls. Each individual Hall has got its own characteristics linked to the history of the city.  If you wish to tie the knot in Tuscany and do this in a civil ceremony then here are the top 5 Town Halls.

In terms of legality you should hire an interpeter to take care of the paperwork.


- Weddings in Tuscany By Tuscan Dreams-


The title reminds me of a Frank Sinatra’s song ” Love and marriage go together like horse and carriage. You can’t have one without the other”. This is probably why increasingly  more and more people are choosing Tuscany to tie the knot.


Tuscany’s scenery and atmosphere, treasure and elegance, Tuscan food and wine put a 5 stars rating for a perfect marriage.  If you know anybody who got married in this amazing part of the world will certainly be able to confirm all of the above.


The beauty of its venues, the magnificent Tuscan Town Halls all unique in their architecture, the simplicity and flavour of  its food and wine, the friendliness of its people have become Tuscany’s trade mark and top 4 reason for getting married here.. And as Italian say in their unique modest way .. ” Scusate se è poco “  We apologise if this is not enough !