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- Real-Life Weddings by Tuscan Dreams -

NAME: Sandra and Richard

PROFESSION OF BOTH: Sandra - accountant, Richard - going through a career change and working temporarily in cafe as he’s currently applying to become a paramedic.

AGE: Sandra - 29, Richard - 32

WHERE DO YOU COME FROM: We bought a house in Oct last year and live in Loughton (Essex)

HOW DID YOU MEET: We both use to work for the same medical devices company, I was in accounts and Richard was in the sales team. We met on a work conference at 2am in the bar. It was in the cumberland hotel in London, all the men were in tucks and the girls in evening dresses. I had danced all night and my feet were aching, I managed to find the nearest free seat which happened to be where Richard’s team were sitting. I was sitting next to his friend Steve who said how gorgeous I was and then asked Richard if he agreed, he did (he was drunk!), then Steve ask if I was single, I said yes and then he remarked that Richard was also single and we should get together! After an hour of chatting in the group, a drink was accidently poured over me, which gave me an excuse to move seats and of course I moved to the seat next Richard.

Eventually everyone else went to bed except the two of us. Richard fancied a cup of tea and I said that I had tea making facilities in my room! (what a hussy). So he came to my room, and didn’t have a cup of tea! The rest in history. It was a brilliant night, the hotel was amazing, I have never stayed in somewhere as posh.

HOW DID HE PROPOSE: We were on holiday in America. We were touring around the west coast for 3 weeks, we went to LA, San Francisco, Sonoma, Yosemite, Lone Pine, Death Valley, Las Vegas, Grand Cannon and Zion Cannon.  Unknown to me Richard was planning propose on this holiday and he was waiting for the right moment. One day we went for a hike around Hetch Hetcy, there was hardly anyone else around a Richard kept kissing me along the walk, which I though was a bit strange. After a about mile around there was a small bridge over the reservoir surrounded by mountains he dropped to one knee and proposed, it was lovely. We then went back to our tent where Richard produced a bottle of champagne that he had sneekly bought from when we were wine tasting in Sonoma. We drank our champagne by the river and then went out for a posh meal in the Ahwahnee. Easily my best day.

Sandra and Richard got married on 18th September 2010 at Villa Gambassi where they also stayed and had reception with 60 guests.


- Weddings in Style by Tuscan Dreams -

Name: Sharon and Peter

Ages: Sharon - 48, Peter - 49

Profession: Sharon - Personal Assistant, Peter - firefighter on blue watch, based in Swindon.

Where do you come from : Chippenham, Wiltshire. We both have 2 children each from previous marriages. Peter has 2 sons; Craig and Bradley and I have a daughter and son; Nathasha and Liam.

We thought we would get married in the beautiful country of Italy, with close family and friends, hiring a beautiful villa for immediate family and close friends staying close by in apartments all arranged by a reputable company with a personal touch and hastle-free.

We stayed in the Villa Gambassi for a week, followed by a honeymoon in Sorrento and Rome.

How did you meet: We met at a local night club 12 years ago.

How did he proposed: Pete proposed to me 2 years ago at the top of the Eiffel Tower, which was very romantic.


- Real-Life Weddings by Tuscan Dreams -

NAME: Sam and Lee

PROFESSION: Sam - Marketing Manager in magazine publishing, Lee Managing Director for AOP.


HOW DID YOU MEET: Sam and I have been together 11 years, after meeting at the Guardian newspaper where we both worked. Our drinks together after work became more and more frequent, and soon we were a couple. Our first time away together just happened to be a work trip to Rome, that would start another love affair with Italy.

HOW DID HE PROPOSE : Neither of us were particularly inclined towards marriage but, ten years later, neither of us could really remember why! So, on a ski trip to St Anton, Austria, I proposed to Sam in a champagne ice bar halfway up the mountain slopes.

When we first entertained the idea of an Italian wedding, we never thought we would be able to encourage all our beloved friends & family to travel with us. When they all whole heartedly supported the idea, the next piece of the puzzle was finding a location - something that our wonderful wedding planners at Tuscan Dreams were able to help with, and much more besides.

We had the wedding of our dreams with all the people we love around us, and all the details and touches that made it unique to us.

Sam and Lee got married on 6th June 2010 at Certaldo Town Hall and had reception at Villa Gambassi