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Name: Hannah and Matt
Age: Matt - 33, Hannah 29
Profession : Matt – Operations Director of a Brick Distribution Company, Hannah – IT Consultant.
Where do you come from? Cheshire

How did you meet?
We have been together for 8 years and there have been lots of fun times and exciting stories that have happened along the way….however the story of how we met is not all that exciting or glamorous but it truly was one of the best days of our lives. We went to high school together but being several years apart we never talked to one another.- and looking back it makes us laugh that we would have passed each other in the hallways hundreds of times not knowing that one day we would be married! In fact I think I even had a crush on one of Matt’s friends!

7 years later our paths crossed once more – this time in the delights of our local Cricket club for a mutual friend’s birthday. We got chatting and very soon we realised that we quite liked one another! So after one or two gin and tonics together and a lot of egging on from our two best friends (bridesmaid and best man) we decided to move on to our local nightclub for a dance! There we were on the dance floor busting some moves to Shakira when we had our first kiss! A very romantic moment!
From that moment we were hooked on each other over the last 8 years we have had so much fun – enjoyed lots of holidays, great times with friends, buying our first house and having two adorable cats (who we treat like children!).

How did he propose?
Having seen so many of our very best friends get engaged and then married there was never a suggestion that we might be next - so when Matt did propose it did come as a shock to a lot of people (including Hannah) as he had never mentioned it to a soul!
It was Christmas day 2008 - Matt loves Christmas and it seemed like the perfect most romantic time of year to propose. Christmas morning came – Matt was acting slightly sheepish! The bucks fizz was opened and we went into our living room to open our presents! Lots of gifts were exchanged – the usual – CDs, perfume, pyjamas!

Thinking that was it for presents and about to start sipping my bucks fizz once more – Matt said I think there is one more present for you right at the back underneath the tree – not having the slightest inkling I found my present, ripped off the paper and to my surprise saw a jewellery box and I started to think ‘could this be what I think it is?’. Slightly nervously I opened the box and saw this beautiful shiny diamond ring looking back at me, Matt took it from me and then said ‘So Hannah I love you so much – will you marry me?” Tears were running down my cheeks uncontrollably having never felt so happy in my life – we were at home in the place we love more than anywhere else, sat underneath our pretty Christmas tree  - I said yes gave Matt the biggest cuddle  he said ‘why are you crying though –you are happy aren’t you?” I then started jumping up and down in excitement and he knew I was happy!
It really was such a happy day and sharing the news with Family and Friends was amazing! People were so happy for us – it was the best Christmas ever and we had constant smile on our face.


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