-Real Life Wedding by Tuscan Dreams-

Age: Both 28

Profession: Systems Support Assistant, Aberdeenshire Council

Where do you come from : Ellon, Aberdeenshire, Scotland

1. How did you meet?

In our town’s local nightclub, it was the only place to go on a Friday night! We had gone to school together but never knew each other. Ryan never went out on a Friday as he played Junior football every Saturday, it just happened this Friday he was injured so had gone out to meet some friends for a drink.

2. How did you get engaged?

We had spoken about it for some time as we had been together 8 years, our parents had started to give up hope and we got up one Sunday and went in to town and bought a ring. We had both sets of parents coming for supper that night anyway as it was Mothering Sunday and we announced it then. I think they were all surprised I do remember my mother in law jumping up and down in the middle of our living room!

3. How did you choose where to conduct the ceremony and have the reception?

We never wanted a big wedding, just something small and intimate so we thought about going abroad, the thought of a wedding and holiday all rolled into one really appealed. We had always wanted to visit Italy (Tuscany in particular) but we had never managed, so we thought Italy was a perfect location and when we found Tuscan Dreams we knew it was the right choice. The Villas were amazing and the testimonials from other Bride and Grooms just made it sound magical. We choose Villa Napoleone. Tuscan country side lived up to all our expectations. The ceremony in Siena was a perfect!  I must admit on my wedding day I never thought I would be strolling through Siena, eating ice cream in my wedding dress!!

4. What research and planning did you do before the wedding?

We spend a long time on the internet and speaking with different Wedding Co-Coordinators’ from different companies but in the end the decision was easy, Nicoletta and Erica were just so fantastic they knew exactly what we wanted and could provide it with ease.

5. How many guests attended your wedding?

We had 16 guests, all family and close friends

6. What did you ‘make from scratch’?

I made all my Save the date cards and wedding Invites myself, I also made my place settings which were the back of cars saying “Just Married” with our guests names attached, they were attached by ribbon to their napkin on the wedding table. I also make all my wedding favour tags with our names and wedding date, the men’s with a Scottish thistle on them and the women’s a rose to coordinate with our flower choice for the day.

7. What was your biggest extravagance?

Our biggest extravagance was the meal and wine but to be honest we are the biggest pair of foodies you ever will meet and I guess that was one of the big reasons for choosing Italy. The thought of canapés and champagne, then a 5 course meal + wedding cake really won us over, I was surprised I still got into my dress for the party we had when we got home!

8. Where did you save the most money?

We found Nina shoes on the internet, which retail for about £90 in bridal boutiques but we got them for £10 each in an Amazon sale. I also had 2 nieces as bridesmaids, alongside my sister. There dresses were going to cost as much as my sister’s bridesmaid dress and they are only 9 and 6 years old. In the end were bought there dresses from an American company over the internet, which saved us £300.00 and were fantastic exactly what we wanted.

9. Would you change anything about your wedding?

To be honest I know this sounds like a cliché but no, not a thing. It was perfect, different to your traditional wedding but exactly what we wanted in every way.

10.What advice would you give to someone planning a wedding?

Find a great wedding planner they are a god send and they keep you on the straight and narrow. I think my stress levels would have been a lot higher without them, they were worth every penny. A wedding is not something you can do on your own.

Colour scheme of wedding: Red, Cream and Black

Music/entertainment: We had a harpist who played during the ceremony and back at the reception during the canapés and champagne. We choose songs which meant something to us for during the ceremony and provided sheet music and she played them for us. For the reception we let her play a mixture of her own choosing.

Evening entertainment we provided ourselves, people had taken their iPods and created play lists etc for the day so it was fantastic to have a range that suited everyone.

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