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-Weddings in Tuscany by Tuscan Dreams -

A pure gem of Etruscan, Roman, mediaeval, and Renaissance art. Volterra is situated on a hill 550 metres above sea level.

It is surrounded by a dramatic landscape created by the so-called Balze: impressive chasms, caused by landslips and landslides, in the hilly north-western slopes.

Volterra is a city to be lived intensely, to be discovered little by little, with its atmospheres, its contrasts, the pulsing of a civilisation and a culture that make it unique and unrepeatable.

History has in fact left its interrupted mark from the time of the Etruscans to the nineteenth century, with extremely important artistic and monumental forms, which can be admired simply by walking along the streets of the city centre.

One of these is the Palazzo dei Priori a palace that dates back to 13th century and which is today the headquarters of the local borough and also used as Wedding hall.

It is the oldest government building in Tuscany and if you climb to the top you will enjoy a breathtaking panoramic view that goes as far as the coast if the day is clear. Couples choosing to celebrate their marriage in Volterra will find themselves in a fairytale setting that is authentically Tuscan and far away from tourists and crowds.


- Weddings in Tuscany by Tuscan Dreams -

One can be amazed by the beauty and the history behind most Tuscan Town Halls. Each individual Hall has got its own characteristics linked to the history of the city.  If you wish to tie the knot in Tuscany and do this in a civil ceremony then here are the top 5 Town Halls.

In terms of legality you should hire an interpeter to take care of the paperwork.