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With the majority of wedding parties over the age of 30 it is almost guaranteed that some children will be present on your big day. A lot of couples would feel rude excluding children from the occasion, especially when a lot of newlyweds have babies themselves before they are even married.
Some guests may choose to leave them at home with a grandparent or nanny, but what happens when the wedding you are invited to is abroad? Most parents would not want to leave their little ones for long periods so why not use it as an excuse for a family holiday?

Tuscan wedding organiser Erica Bellini, who has been planning weddings in Italy for 10 years, thinks children can easily be catered for during your day. She said: “At previous weddings we have arranged for a group of specialists ranging from baby sitters for the tiny ones to entertainers for the older children. It means children of guests can be part of the day too. ”

Erica recently organised a wedding at one of their popular locations, Villa Gambassi, for a couple called Vicki and Tony who had a 3 month old baby girl. She said. “They really wanted baby Francesca around and in each photo throughout the day so they brought along a baby sitter. This meant they still had time to themselves and to be with their guests.
They wanted her to be able to enjoy this unique day in her life as much as they did.”

Erica says. “Obviously keeping the children busy and happy became an issue that was at the top of the list throughout the planning. In fact, the organisation of the children at Vicki and Tony’s wedding was discussed with me before anything else was decided.”

With the help of professional baby sitters and entertainers children can safely play outside in the warm Tuscan sunshine, allowing parents to enjoy the day without worrying. Villa Gambassi is a perfect location for a large party with children. Guest accommodation is situated opposite the villa and the fact of not having to use transport to get to it makes its a lot easier for parents, knowing that their little ones are comfortably asleep in their room only a few metres away.

Here and some more tips to organise a wedding with children in mind:

  • Buy boxes of toys and non-messy creative items to help keep them quietly amused.
  • Don’t save on baby sitting/entertainers. Make sure you use professionals especially if 1 baby sitter/entertainer will look after more than 1 child.
  • Arrange for the entertainers to be close enough to the parents but also far away enough so that they don’t rush to the parents every time they fancy. An idea is to have the children on a lawn on a sunny day to get plenty of exercise as well.
  • Make sure the entertainers and baby sitters are specialised for the different age groups of the children.


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